Creating a modern farmhouse style

Last week, we talked about how to give your home that rustic vibe with a few simple suggestions. It brings in the natural environment of the outdoors into your home. For some, that style is perfect, but for others, it doesn’t quite resonate with them. Some like that rustic feeling where that welcomes the outdoors, but it just didn’t feel warm. If this is how you feel about a rustic style, consider a farmhouse style. If your house already has a modern design to it, adding a hint of farmhouse would bring in that warm and pleasant vibe you’re searching for; here is how.


A quilt can do wonders for you. Typically, they are used for added warmth on your bed, but they can be placed on the wall or folded on a chair as a throw blanket. Try to find a quilt that had a modern pattern. The farmhouse vibe can come from the bed frame you purchase.


Stay away from those fluffy or furry pillows. If you want a touch of farmhouse in your home, you need to go for the simple and humble materials, such as a grain-sack.

Art and accessories

It would make sense that the artistic elements you place throughout your home should be relevant to farm life. Farm sceneries, with the rolling hills and picturesque barn in the background are easy to find and beautiful when hung. For accessories, you could use wooden wheels or horse statues to bring that farm-life style alive.

Picnic table

My favourite stylizer for a modern farmhouse home is a picnic table with benches. It brings home the feeling of family and togetherness, while being a unique feature of your home in comparison to others.


If you ever come across antique furniture, think about how you could refurbish it to work with your home. Not only would it be a fun project, but it adds class and originality to your home. This could include wooden cabinets, chairs, side tables and more; keep your eye out.

Woodgrain doors

Let the occasional door in your home be solid wood, or at least imitate the woodgrain appearance. While clean, non-patterned doors provide a modern vibe, the wooden door will get you that farmhouse feel.

Keep an eye out for our next listing in Mount Robson! If this style was something you connected with, our listing has all the features necessary to follow suit. With a freestanding tub and the open flow of the main floor, the possibilities of creating a farmhouse vibe are endless.