Do you have the time to renovate?

Renovating takes time. You’re probably already anticipating it to take a couple weeks, even months, but the reality is that it will likely take longer than even that. Whether it’s in the form of financial problems or typical renovation upsets, issues will arise where you don’t want them to. To save yourself the time, money and headache, consider these factors when planning your renovation. In addition, remember that the size of a space may affect the time it takes to renovate it. Knowing these tips will help you determine whether you truly have the time to renovate.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

The reason we want you to know your house on a deeper level is to understand how the size of your anticipated renovations. Knowing whether you need to upgrade your piping or the electric system will allow you to properly plan the project. But on the other hand, don’t be surprised when you gut the room and discover you need to move the plumbing and electrical around. Renovating a large project like this could take anywhere in between two to five months to complete.

Look to the past

How much time has it already taken you to plan and prepare for this renovation? Two weeks? Two months? It’s been a while of planning your renovation and going through the pre-renovation steps, and now you’re excited to go through with it! This is great to approach a project with so much enthusiasm, however, you need to be aware that you will be investing more time into the actual project versus what you’ve already invested in the planning. In addition, once you start a project you can’t stop midway. Make sure that you and everyone else in your household prepare to invest time and energy into the job. 

Work and school

We know that everyone has a life; they have obligations and commitments that can’t be ignored. From the beginning, we mentioned that you must ensure every member of the household is prepared to begin a renovation, with an understanding of how big the project would be. If you want the project finished faster, maybe consider taking time off work; or plan to do it during a school break when your son or daughter can help. Ensure that everyone understands what you expect from them during the renovation process. This will allow everyone to know not to make plans that will interfere with their responsibilities.

Renovated but not complete

This is a point to consider before and after you start renovating. Where are you going to put all the furniture and appliances? Are you going to get new items? Will you get them specially made? Remember that once you plan your furniture and finish the renovation, the room can’t be used until it’s furnished. It’ll likely be the most exciting part of the project, but it will still take time to get to the end.