So, you want a contemporary home

You love the clean and sleek look of your friend’s contemporary home. To you, it’s everything you dreamed of having. The natural light is filtering in, creating a warm and familiar vibe while the lack of unnecessary objects make the room feel uncluttered. It’s peaceful. This would be exactly how you would redecorate your home, so why don’t you? Here are some of the essentials to achieving your own contemporary home.

Lines are the key

First and foremost, a contemporary design is established around straight vertical and horizontal lines. The edginess of them creates the strong and clean appearance that contemporary décor is loved so much for. However, you want to create some balance so don’t be afraid to implement a few circular objects throughout the job; just keep them to a minimum.

A neutral color palette

Be inspired by the rock bed of your favourite river. Notice the neutral, yet beautiful, colours that come from the stones? A contemporary colour palette can be anything neutral, which doesn’t narrow down your options. Instead, if you love that grey stone with the slightest hint of purple in it, let that be your guide.

No clutter requires more space

You admire the contemporary design because it enforces a lack of clutter. To achieve that enforcement, you need to create large and open spaces. Open spaces create the opportunity to bring attention to large art or furniture. Something that other designs are not capable of doing.

Bulky yet simple

Contemporary designs are perfect for those who dislike clutter. Decorating a room requires few objects, they need only to be large and simple.

Make it shiny

While it is necessary to have matte-like finishes throughout your home, a key design aspect for contemporary homes is to have plenty of shiny surfaces. A matte finish will help balance the look.

Solid flooring; solid foundation

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that it was the safest place to be? The ground beneath you is solid and is capable of withstanding anything. A contemporary home is made strong not only by its solid lines, but also by its hard flooring.