What makes a home a “midcentury modern home”?

A strong yet simple style that has been popular since its birth is the midcentury style. Today, we add our modern lifestyle to it while maintaining our hold on the timeless beauty of the midcentury design. With simple and clean lines used throughout the architecture and the accessorizing of the building, there are a few other key components to achieving a midcentury modern home.

Color Palette

As with every style, there are colours that speak more to certain styles. With the midcentury modern home, it’s the colour combinations that are important. If one chooses to use furniture as a way to carry out the colour schemes, then the furniture also needs to speak to the midcentury modern style, which is seamless and simple. The colour combinations are as follows:

  • pink and brown
  • orange and brown
  • chartreuse and grey
  • teal, brown and white
  • wood and white

Open concept

The midcentury homes of the past needed to learn how to work with small spaces. The way they accomplished this was by creating an open concept, making the kitchen, dining and living room all flow beautifully together while remaining one-room Today’s midcentury modern homes achieve the same effect, only with larger rooms.

Connect the outside with the inside

A key component of a midcentury modern home is the flawless connection between the outside and the inside. This is achieved through the architectural design of glass walls. A person could be sitting inside and feel that they are outside purely because of the unobstructed view of the outside.

Open yet private

While it has been made clear that an open concept living space, from the way the rooms connect to each other to how they connect with the outside, is essential to the midcentury style, an element of privacy is also necessary. Understanding there was limited space required architects to utilize every square inch, but they ensured there were adequate walls surrounding the perimeter of the home to create privacy from the public and neighbors.

Purposeful decorating without the clutter

Every element you place out has a purpose, nothing is done arbitrarily. You are placing them out with the intent that they would be seen. However, there is no over decorating, meaning that no item should be taking away from the presence of something else. They all balance one another out and create a perfect harmony.

If one follows these simple yet necessary factors to their home, they will be able to achieve a midcentury-style home. As in everything, there is always more that can be said about achieving this style, but these components are necessary for the home to be considered a midcentury modern home.