Staging and Styling

Many homes I enter have multiple points of beauty, have been tastefully appointed are clean and well maintained and have been upgraded with nice new features. The sellers, understandably, are bemused and frankly a little sceptical when I suggest staging. Why stage something that has served them well and looks good? Simple answer is that right now your home reflects YOU and your life…staging is done to make other people imagine THEIR life in the home.

Staging a home is best done by a design professional because they use expertise to draw the eye to the light, space and purpose of a room. This is done with the careful selection and placement of furniture and accessories while skilfully layering a room with texture.

After the process is finished many, many sellers say that their home has never looked this good and they wished they had it staged while they were living in it.

Styling a home is done for you in your new home – you are staying. Staging a home is when you are selling – appeals to a much wider audience than your family. Both services are an efficient and cost effective way of increasing the functionality and beauty of your space and home.