– Syd and Brenda Howlett

In 2018, we decided to purchase a new home on the spur of the moment. This then lead us for the need to sell our home of 23 years. We decided to list with Kerri Markle of Remax Central. What really appealed to us was her knowledge of design and that she would stage our home. Considering we were in one of the worst markets in years and soon approaching the end of the peak selling season, we needed all the help we could get. Staging would be critical and our home showed the best it had in many years. It truly looked fantastic.

Kerri completed a detailed analysis of the market. It wasn’t pretty and our emotions began to run rampant. How could our home of 23 years only be worth that! We had put so many years of blood, sweat and tears into it! Well with a calming demeanor, Kerri was able to talk us off the ledge.

It was several weeks of open houses and no offers. Finally, an offer came in! It was heart breaking almost insulting. Again, Kerri talked us through it and advised in this market it was important to work a potential offer rather than walk away. So, we did. In the end, our house sold but it was one of the most emotional periods Brenda and I had in many years.

It was stressful I’m sure for Kerri but she maintained true professionalism throughout it all. I know that Kerri is not looking out for just another sale, she truly cares about her clients. I am glad Kerri was there for us! Thank you for being not just a great agent, but truly amazing person!

– Dubbin Family

We are so very impressed with the presentation you did for Mom!

Your compassion, professionalism and preparation are exceptional! You are a world class realtor! You’ve won the hearts of all the Dubbin family!

Please know how grateful I am to you personally for managing Mom’s transition to the next chapter of her life. This will be difficult but the payoff will be exceptional! I am forever grateful for your presence! We cannot thank you enough!

-Dr. James Truong

I had the privilege of working with Kerri Markle for the last year and a half searching for a home. I had been looking for essentially longer than that but really started buckling down last July. After nearly closing a deal last year and that not going through, Kerri was really professional in handling the situation and was probably more upset that I didn’t get the home than the actual sale of the house itself but her cheerful demeanor and determination helped me get through this bump and we kept on searching and believe me we searched.  Almost every week for a whole year, we went to see houses, changing the criteria a few times back and forth but it was Kerri’s observation is where she excelled. She noticed little things here and there that I would like and didn’t like and fine tune the searches so that we were not our wasting time looking at house that weren’t a fit. She even brought me out to a house, that would never even come close to my searching criteria and I must say that house was actually pretty spectacular, the only reason it didn’t work out is because it had conditionally sold that evening.   I was pretty sure at one point that Kerri was tired of looking at my face and driving around the city but she still met me every week with a smile on her face.

Now to complicate things further, not only did she had to get my approval, she had to get the approval from 3 other people as well. My parents were helping with the down payment, as such, they also had say. Now, Kerri’s job had become 3x the work, satisfying 4 people’s criteria.

Needless to say, Kerri accomplished her job. She was able to find me a house that everyone loves. She was very patient, caring, professional, determined and persistent. Between the numerous calls and emails especially near the closing of the deal, she was poised, honest, and understanding throughout the whole process. Her knowledge when negotiating also made it possible to get an amazing deal on the house.

I am very thankful for the effort and work that Kerri did and grateful for helping me start the next chapter in my life. I highly recommend Kerri Markle to anyone looking to buy or sell a property, Kerri is the person you want to help you out with that. With her you are definitely going to get a person with real estate expertise and royal service experience.

With much gratitude and appreciation,